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cos we're gonna need all the help

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Do you just know that BD is gonna fail? Does the chapter leak make your skin crawl? Are you contemplating between reading BD or moving to Zimbabwe?

So are we, so are we.

A community of those who do like the Twilight series (on most days) but are terrified of reading BD because of the impending fail. Born from a post on sortofbeautiful, we will decide what we're gonna do about BD, what's gonna happen afterwards and this place can also act as a safe haven after the book release for us to rant all we want.

Membership is moderated at this point of time as we don't want any trolls - only semi-trolls will be permitted.

Rules: (yes unfortunately, we have them)

+ be prepared that not everyone likes the same characters and ships as you, and not everyone dislikes the same as you either. That means your favourite ship and character MAY end up being snarked at

+ if you are going to snark/bash a ship, it HAS to be somewhat relating to the failness of BD, ok? We don't want mutiny here

+ there's a basic "back off" rule. If debates/arguments/wars start up and have been going on, you are in your right to tell someone to back off when you've had enough. If a person keeps badgering, report them and they'll be warned. If they have to be warned several times, they'll be banned.

+ put everything spoilery and not work safe UNDER A CUT. This must be followed. Not everyone wants to be spoiled, k? Even though I can't imagine why that sort of person would be doing here, but hey, maybe they got lost.

+ you may post discussions, news (including images, interviews, videos and all that other stuff). Icons ARE allowed, as long as they're related to BD or it's release or whatever. That's a must. I'm still undecided about BD-time fics, but we'll get to that one eventually


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